Dirk Beyer, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
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Results of the 2015 International Competition on Software Verification


Office: IM 131
Phone: +49 (851) 509-3090
Home: +49 (851) 204-2858
E-mail: firstname.lastname@uni-passau.de
Fax: +49 (851) 509-3092
Mail: University of Passau / Software Systems / Innstrasse 33 / D-94032 Passau, Bavaria / Germany
Assistant (Eva Veitweber): +49 (851) 509-3091
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Biographical sketch
Curriculum vitae
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NEW BDD-Based Software Verification (STTT 2014)
Software Verification in the Google App-Engine Cloud (CAV 2014)
A Formal Evaluation of DepDegree Based on Weyuker's Properties (ICPC 2014)
Status Report on Software Verification (TACAS 2014)
Domain Types: Abstract-Domain Selection Based on Variable Usage (HVC 2013)
Precision Reuse for Efficient Regression Verification (FSE 2013)
Reuse of Verification Results -- Invited Talk at SPIN (SPIN 2013)
Explicit-State Software Model Checking Based on CEGAR and Interpolation (FASE 2013)
Information Reuse for Multi-goal Reachability Analyses (ESOP 2013)
Strategies for Product-Line Verification: Case Studies and Experiments (ICSE 2013)
Research My research focuses on models, algorithms, and tools for the construction and analysis of reliable software systems, in particular:
Interfaces for component-based design (download Chic)
Software model checking and static analysis (download CPAchecker, BLAST, CSIsat)
Structure analysis and comprehension of large systems (download CrocoPat or CCVisu)
Formal verification of real-time systems (download Rabbit)
Service 4th Intl. TACAS Competition on Software Verification (SV-COMP'15)
Organization: CAV 2015 Workshops
Program co-chair of FORTE/FMOODS'13
Program committees: ICSE'14, FMCAD'13, ICPC'13, TAP'13, SPIN'12, ICSM'12, WCRE'12
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Courses offered: current term, next term
Sommercamp Informatik
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Graduate Students Matthias Dangl (PhD program)
Stefan Löwe (PhD program)
Andreas Stahlbauer (PhD program)
Philipp Wendler (PhD program)
Information for prospective students
Technical hints for writing a paper
Software that I use
Software BLAST: Model Checking of Software
CCVisu: Visual Clustering and Software-Structure Assessment
CheckDep: Tracking Software Dependencies
Chic: Checking Interface Compatibility
CPAchecker: Configurable Software Verification
CrocoPat: Relational Programming (for Software-Structure Analysis)
CSIsat: Interpolation for LA+EUF
DepDigger: Detecting Complex Low-Level Dependencies
Rabbit: Verification of Real-Time Systems
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Author: Dirk Beyer

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