Here is some graphical output obtained by running CheckDep over some sample java projects:

Analyzing Dependency Changes

The following figures produced by CheckDep demonstrates the dependency changes in a local
refactoring performed to a java project called "CPAChecker". The refactoring started in the
revision 572, and was completed by revision 574. The two revisions of the CPAChecker project
were checked out and compiled using CheckDep (how?) and then the dependencies of these
revisions were extracted and compared against each other by pressing the "Extract Button", and
ultimately using "Visualize Button" the graphical output was displayed in the "Display Tab":

Figure 1.1 - The full view of the merged method-call graphs of the two revisions

Figure 1.2 - The detailed view inside the zoom-in rectangle of the previous figure (Figure 1.1)

Figure 1.3 - A closer look

Figure 1.4 - A closeup shot

Analyzing the Dependency Structure of A Single Project

By supplying CheckDep with only a single java project, the dependency structure of that project
can be viewed. In other words, there will be no comparison between the dependency
graphs of two separate projects (revisions).
In the following figures, the "Type Hierarchy" (inheritance graph) of the "CPAChecker" project
is under inspection:

Figure 2.1 - The Full View of the Type Hierachy Graph (Inheritance Graph)

Figure 2.2 - A Close Look of A Subsystem's Type Hierachy