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Training Course (Praktikum) on "Formal Specification and Verification 2"



This training provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the context of software verification. In particular, students are expected to design and implement basic verification algorithms in a given framework.

The training is held in parallel to the lecture "Formal Specification and Verification 2". To allow students time to acquire the required knowledge there, the training starts in the mid of the semester.

For this training, the lecture "Formal Specification and Verification 2" is mandatory. It is not possible to attend this training without attending the lecture.

In addition, knowledge about the topics of "Formale Spezifikation und Verifikation" are strongly required.

To be considered during the allocation process, please confirm during the registration process, that you fulfill the requirements and that you will attend the lecture "Formal Specification and Verification 2" in this semester.

The allocation process is over. Independent of the allocation process, students can freely register for the course. To do so, write an E-Mail to Thomas Lemberger with your CIP mail address. This is also possible if you didn't take part in the allocation process or did not select this course there.



Learning Material

Copyright applies to the following learning material. Attendees of the lecture are permitted to use the material for their personal studies. All other rights are reserved.

Target Audience

MSc Computer Science, attendance in the joint lecture required.

Required Knowledge


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