CrocoPat: A Tool for Simple and Efficient Relational Programming

Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
University of California at Berkeley, USA
Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus, Germany



Project page available at Google Code:
(includes source-code repository and downloads).

Archive: Download old binaries, C++ sources, and examples

FSF Free Software Directory:


CrocoPat 2.1 Introduction and Reference Manual  (html versionall)

API and Source-Code Documentation: Files and Classes

Fact Extractors: There are several tools around for extracting relations from software systems. We currently use a combination of Doxygen and CCVisu to generate RSF files as input for CrocoPat.

Full references and electronic versions of the articles are available at our Publications page.

Users and Friends of CrocoPat

Author: Dirk Beyer, my project pages: BLAST, CCVisu, Chic, CrocoPat, CSIsat, Rabbit