Gastvorträge am Mittwoch 27.11.: "Klimawandel und Extremereignisse – neue Erkenntnisse für die Klimafolgenforschung durch die Nutzung von HPC" im Rahmen der Public Climate School von Students for Future Munich.
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About us

Software-systems research develops the technology for the development, verification, and maintenance of large, long-living software systems of high quality. The enormous growth of size and reliability of software programs in our society during the last decades is made possible by modern software technology.

The Chair for Software and Computational Systems at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) represents the area of development, verification, and maintenance of software systems and provides courses in that spectrum. We emphasize modern design techniques like design patterns, modern programming techniques like refactoring or unit testing, as well as modern architectures such as web-based information systems and cloud computing. The special topic of the chair is quality assurance, in particular static analysis of the structure and behavior of software systems.

In terms of research, the group focusses on the development of new models, methods, and algorithms for the efficient analysis of software systems. We develop theoretical concepts but emphasize on tool implementations of the research results for the practical experimentation with the new methods. The lab publishes regularly on highly-ranked international conferences and receives funding from several sources.