Paper "Software Verification with PDR: An Implementation of the State of the Art" published in Proc. TACAS'20 and available now!

All programs that we developed or maintain are copyrighted as free software.

Some of our software is also available on GitHub .

  1. BenchExec: Reliable Benchmarking and Resource Measurement.

  2. Blast: Model Checking of Software.
    Contributor, conceptual extensions, implementation, and maintenance.

  3. CCVisu: Visual Clustering and Software-Structure Assessment.
    Principal designer and implementer.

  4. CheckDep: Tracking Software Dependencies.
    Principal designer, architect, and maintenance.

  5. Chic: Checking Interface Compatibility.
    Contributor, new formalism, and verification algorithm.

  6. CPAchecker: Configurable Software Verification.
    Principal designer, architect, implementation, and maintenance.

  7. CrocoPat: Relational Programming (for Software-Structure Analysis).
    Principal designer and implementer.

  8. CSIsat: Interpolation for LA+EUF.
    Contributor and designer.

  9. DepDigger: Detecting Complex Low-Level Dependencies.
    Principal designer, architect, and maintenance.

  10. JavaSMT: A Unified Interface for SMT Solvers in Java.

  11. Rabbit: Verification of Real-Time Systems.
    Principal designer and implementer.