Author Instructions for Final Papers of ICSM 2009

2009 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM)

1. Formatting:

Format your paper according to the submission instructions on the conference page.
All final papers must be submitted as PDF and conform to the style guidelines required for IEEE Conference Proceedings. These guidelines are discussed (and templates are provided for them) in the following documents:

2. Copyright Transfer:

The ICSM steering committee chose to have IEEE as copyright holder for their proceedings.
Therefore, you have to transfer the copyright of your paper to IEEE, in order to have your paper appear in the ICSM'09 proceedings.
Use the web site mentioned below to electronically transfer your copyright to IEEE.

3. Submission:

Page limits:

4. Help:

If you have any concerns or question about the proceedings, please contact me.

Author: Dirk Beyer

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