Paper "Software Verification with PDR: An Implementation of the State of the Art" published in Proc. TACAS'20 and available now!


(Copyrighted as free software.)

  1. BenchExec: Reliable Benchmarking and Resource Measurement.

  2. Blast: Model Checking of Software.
    Contributor, conceptual extensions, implementation, and maintenance.

  3. CCVisu: Visual Clustering and Software-Structure Assessment.
    Principal designer and implementer.

  4. CheckDep: Tracking Software Dependencies.
    Principal designer, architect, and maintenance.

  5. Chic: Checking Interface Compatibility.
    Contributor, new formalism, and verification algorithm.

  6. CPAchecker: Configurable Software Verification.
    Principal designer, architect, implementation, and maintenance.

  7. CrocoPat: Relational Programming (for Software-Structure Analysis).
    Principal designer and implementer.

  8. CSIsat: Interpolation for LA+EUF.
    Contributor and designer.

  9. DepDigger: Detecting Complex Low-Level Dependencies.
    Principal designer, architect, and maintenance.

  10. JavaSMT: A Unified Interface for SMT Solvers in Java.

  11. Rabbit: Verification of Real-Time Systems.
    Principal designer and implementer.

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